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Posted by Shadow - 10-01-2019, 09:31 AM
You can crochet? I'm jealous. I have no talents so that's a no for me. I always say I'll try but literally I never get even that far.   For Halloween I'm actually bringing my kiddos out Trick or Treating. They're dressing up as a Ghostbuster, Plague Doctor, and Harley Quinn.  I probably won't get to give out candy since by the time we get home it's normally mostly died down.  BUT I know I used to always get my candy bags at either Wal-Mart or Five Below!  

As far as dressing up goes, I'm going as Number Five from the Umbrella Academy, but gender-bent I guess.  I wasn't able to score a 'show' version of their Academy suit so instead I basically pieced together the comic book one he wears instead.  I have a black blazer with the UA crest ( the black and white one, not the shows colorful one. ) A black/white plaid pleated skirt as opposed to the same colored argyle sweater the boys would wear.   Black knee high socks, a white button down shirt, and a black and white striped tie, and a UA domino mask.   

I'm still tossing around if I want to maybe add a JFK Campaign pin to my coat or not, give it that additional comic book flair.   I'll be wearing that costume October 12th to an Adults Only Halloween Party at the Connecticut Ren Faire, and probably on Halloween night when I take my kids out.   I don't entirely expect people to know what it is, but I'm hopeful maybe a small handful would recognize.
Posted by Angie - 09-29-2019, 12:18 PM
We're entering the spoopiest month of the year and I was wondering what your plans were for Halloween! Also, where do y'all get bulk candy for cheap?

I'm legit gonna dress up as Louise from Bob's Burgers just to give out some candy lol. I'm gonna crochet her bunny ears hat and crochet a Kochi Kupi for me to hold. I just have to find a simple green dress. I haven't done anything for Halloween since I was a kid and there was that weird 'craze' of the evils of Halloween in the 90s.

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