Back to the Future
10-02-2019, 11:53 AM
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Five wasn't interested in how she hurt herself, only that she had and she damn well needed stitching up before his imaginary wounds. "I'm fine. Other than my powers not working." He mumbled the last part which she hoped she hadn't heard. The last thing he wanted to do was worry her more, because as far as the both of them were concerned he was their one way outta this hellish situation. He needed some time though, not only to build back his strength, but to go over the equations in his mind for jumping backwards. He'd never done it that way before and it would require some adjusting on his part. But first things first, getting them equipped for possible dangers and now the next logical step was food, water and shelter. And maybe some rest if they were lucky, or could even manage to do so in this state.

When the knives had bombarded them and the assailant had fled, Five's mind buzzed from the adrenaline pounding through his veins. He got to Vanya well enough and noticed at once that a part of her jacket was torn but he didn't notice any blood, so that was good. At her concern of his hand, which was bleeding slightly but the wound wasn't too deep to require anything really, Five just wiped it on his shorts leg. "It's nothing, just nicked me." He assured her, his eyes then noticing how Vanya looked quite upset. Real upset. He was worried immediately, but knew she must be having one of her anxiety attacks. "Hey, they're gone. It's gonna be okay." Softer tone as he took her in his arms, getting on her level as he pressed her into his side. Though they probably shouldn't be pausing like this, he knew somewhere in the back of his mind that they weren't in any immediate danger. In fact, if what he was starting to put together in his mind now was true then they hadn't need to worry because this person wasn't looking to kill them. Not yet anyway. "They were only trying to intimidate us." His eyes went toward the door as he brought his hand around to rub against her shoulder. "Besides, who do we both know that uses knives to do that sort of thing?" Despite himself he smirked, trying to relieve some of the tension for them both. Maybe they could convince this future Diego of who they were. Though then again, who knew what state of mind the older man might be in?

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10-08-2019, 01:15 PM
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" Yeah for how long? " She was stressed, no denying that. Afraid, worried, the emotions all there and she was taking it all out on everything without even realizing outdoors. The wind, the growing flames, all of which hadn't even touched her attention as eyes had been set solely on Five and what had happened. She looked to his hand again, finally accepting that he may have been right. She hadn't heard him mention anything of his powers, a thankful thing as it was only fuel to the fire at that point. " I still have that stuff in my backpack. " Random thought, though something that also made a difference given their circumstances. She had pointed towards the nearby wall where she had left it, thankfully it seemed untouched by the many knives thrown at them. 

She looked to the ground then, unsure if she even really wanted to believe his words. He'd said that before too, and now they were stuck here in what looked like hell itself. " Sure " She muttered. This was her own fault really. The last thing she did was kiss him and now they were stuck there forever. Vanya returned his embrace with a half touch of her own, a one armed hug to be exact. When he pulled her to his side, her head leaned into his shoulder as if she could just hide with him and it'd all go away. Instead, she just found herself trembling and fighting back tears all over again. " But they know we're here now. " She sighed, her words coming forth in nothing more than whispers as though she expected that person who attacked them to be still listening. It made for her to give him a gentle squeeze. At least if anything, she'd be even worse off if he hadn't been there. 

He had a point. Although it wasn't much more flattering. " I think you forgot, Diego hates me. " Why else would he tease her? He certainly didn't do it out of concern or care. Maybe Five would be safer, a comforting thought in an otherwise shitty situation. Her eyes closed, trying to forget everything happening and yet she couldn't stop every possible worse thought that filled her mind every second. What if he came back? What if something happened to Five? What was she to do when she ran out of pills? What if this was their forever? Lost in some wasteland and hunted down like animals? She winced at the very thought. And yet, that teenage girl in her had still had only one thing to say in light of it all, something that she seemed perfectly unwilling to accept, but had to do so. " This is my fault. " She said, that anger in her own tone at herself. 

Vanya really hadn't been in a rush to let him go, but then at the same time she knew it was coming soon with her own words that maybe he hadn't even considered. " I shouldn't have kissed you, it made your powers go all crazy or something. " Well, it seemed like that. But rather than blame the person with the powers, it really was just a lot easier to put the blame on Number Seven instead. When hadn't it been her fault? This was her doing. " We're stuck here because I did something stupid. " Maybe not stupid. Hell, for her it was the best thing in the entire day.  So it only seemed right that the best thing in her lifetime for that matter, had also brought on this... end of the world like place the two were in. " Maybe not stupid. It was the best thing ever. But this, this is the worse thing ever. " 

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