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01-06-2019, 01:22 PM
First and foremost, welcome to Inkslingers! This How-To guide will, hopefully, help get you situated properly into the community so you can focus more on writing the stories you want to explore rather than bumbling about in confusion. If you still have any questions after reading the guide, please feel free to approach any staff member, whether via PMs on the site or through our Discord chat.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO offer a dark mobile skin for those who regularly roleplay on mobile devices or prefer something entirely dark. It's a very clean, simple skin that's meant to be mobile-friendly as opposed to aesthetically pleasing. You can access 'Mobile Ink' by switching skins at the bottom of the board.

1. Register with the alias you want to be known as around the site and the one you'll be using in our Discord chat. Avoid the use of numbers or symbols as those may make it difficult for people to use the tagging system.

2. Upload an avatar! The avatar size is 200x300 pixels. Please keep it PG-13. If you need help with an avatar, feel free to ask. We want to site to look neat and well-put together, so don't upload a small or stretched out graphic.

3. Assuming (and expecting, quite frankly) you've done all the normal steps, such as reading our premise and guidelines, it's time to post your Organizer! Please be aware that Organizers are mandatory and only those who post Organizers have access to post on the entire site.

4. Once you've done that, we urge you to take a look around the REQUESTS forum. Unlike your traditional site, we don't recommend posting an 'open' thread and hoping someone will take it. On a free-for-all site like INKSLINGERS, plots and characters are individually developed before a thread is posted.

5. If you don't find anything in the Requests forum that interests you, post your own request! Have a character or a plot in mind and be open to modifying your request so both you and your partner are happy and excited to write it. The more you add to a request, the better.

6. Join us on Discord! While it isn't necessary to join the chat, it may be able to help you find partners quicker if you build a rapport around the community. People are more inclined to write with someone they feel are actual members rather than quick guests.

And that's pretty much it! The most important factor of a multigenre rp is to make sure you give people enough of a plot idea. It doesn't have to be an entire article's worth of ideas, but a jumping off point is important and necessary to get people interested in your ideas. Good luck and happy roleplaying!

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