i loved you once
02-10-2019, 09:08 PM
The confusion of the past week or so never seemed to go away as the days went on. It wasn't like Valentina could feel betrayed --- her doctors had told her upfront there's no way of knowing how long the memory loss will last. It could be permanent. The stung the friends whom she had made in the recent years, friends whose faces were unfamiliar and strange. A part of her wanted to ask her mother to make them leave but the decent part of her saw the way they cared for a woman they loved.

Who didn't love them back.

A predicament made even more uncomfortable when a man they all agreed was her long time beau showed up.

Now she was in their shared apartment, gathering up her belongings to stay elsewhere. Valentina didn't want to add insult to injury, but she also knew she couldn't stay in an unfamiliar condo with an unfamiliar man and try to focus on getting better. So to make this easier on both of them, she had come to the apartment at a time a mutual friend had told her he would be at work. Her cousin dropped her off -- she wasn't cleared to drive yet -- and told her she would come back in an hour. An hour was enough time to gather up what she needed, Val thought to herself as she rummaged through drawers.

Unaware that the front door had been opened.

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