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I am over 30 and have been doing play by post RP for more then 20 years. The platform has evolved as the internet has evolved.

I am a casual player, with family, and full time job. I can commit to one post a day, more depending on my other commitments.

I am not interested in non-hetero romance relationships, over the top drama, or dark stories.

I am into character development and characters with some depth.

I am into fluffy romance stories that work towards a happy ending, that isn't to say that there won't be tears and pain along the way.

I am looking for a mature partner in both age and writing style. At least over 21 if not older.

I am obsessed with Asian Dramas and would like to find someone to write dramas following these tropes with Asian PBs. However, this is not a make or break it thing. I am very open to discussions.

I am willing to trade playing a male character in a line you're seeking in return for filling a male role in a line I'm looking for.
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