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Alias: Mari

Age: 32

Timezone: Central

Availability: On and off throughout the day. Always logged into Discord on my phone. I won't answer if at work on Tues and Thurs

Hello! I'm a wife and mother to four children ages 10,6 and I have 6 month old twins. I teach preschool two days a week(will be back to five next year but had to cut my time due to having my twins). I live in the country where my internet sucks if it rains. I also live on a hobby farm with a pet pig and goat who live in my front yard. I love to read and write but RL always comes first so please be understanding. I will probably be quiet in the chat as that is just who I am. I'm better at playing male characters but I would enjoy a female character here and there.

Favorite genres: Historical(wild west, medieval, regency, victorian, etc.), sci-fi, futuristic, apocalyptic, fantasy.. give me all the romance and fluff!

Favorite fandoms: Outlander, Passengers(the movie.. would love to give this a try), will add on as I think of more


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