Honest Originals
09-11-2019, 03:39 PM (This post was last modified: 09-15-2019, 02:26 PM by honest steve.)
Here are some ideas for original RPs. None of them are very good but could be a lot of fun. Might add some more, might not.

Gods make a world

Quote:One or more gods spend their time wandering around the Heavens, doing whatever the fuck, until one of them gets the bright idea to make a world and planet full of worshippers. How does that happen? What do they make? We decide!

Original Superhero

Quote:Young Eddie Dark was a normal British kid until one day, when wandering at night on a camping trip with his family he came across an unexplainable and mysterious object. Upon touching it he was contacted a mysterious voice warning of an oncoming threat that threatened all of his reality and to fight it he would need the powers this entity was about to bestow upon him. He was struck by a sudden burst of light that gave him flight, superstrength, super durability and energy blasts.

 A year later he found himself contacted once more by the mysterious entity and Eddie was told that there had been a mistake. The entity had got the wrong reality and wrong Eddie. The entity was so embarrassed by the mistake that he let Eddie keep the powers as long as he promised not to abuse them and use them for the good of his reality. Eddie agreed and kept his gifts. As he grew older, he kept that promise by becoming the superhero Sovereign.

The basic idea of this is to play Superman but without any of the connections and obligations of the canon. Also to make him British and played by Tom Ellis.

Looking for fellow superheroes, a superhero best buddy, some friends for Eddie in his secret identity, alien princess who comes to Earth for reasons.

Sentient Spaceship

Quote:A classic friendship story between two people, one a captain of a small spaceship and the other is that said spaceship. They live together through a life of adventure, action and long travels of boredom in a strange and hostile universe. Can include other crew members.

Hades and Persephone

Quote:Hades is the god of the underworld who once ruled alone and lived alone, but that changes when he met the goddess Persephone. They began an affair in secret and fell in love. When Persphone ran away to his realm to escape her overbearing mother, the goddess of nature kicked up a hell of a fuss that threatened to destroy mankind so a deal was struck. Persephone would split her time between her duties on Olympus, Hades and her mother.

I’ll be playing Hades. Plots ideas involve the romance (though I’m pretty terrible at romance and that’ll probably be reflected) or something a bit sillier like the day-to-day running of hell.

Last Man on Earth

Quote:The last man on Earth sits alone, contemplating his lonely life.

Then, there is a knock at the door...

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