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Hiiiii! I'd like to preface the rest of this post with a sincere, fair warning: I am a slow poster. As in slow. Sometimes days or even weeks to respond. I would really like the opportunity to write with everyone, but I don't want to upset or disappoint anyone in the process. If you are not interested in the slowest writing pace ever, you can totally ignore this will not hurt my feelings. <3

First I'm just going to list fandoms I'm familiar with:

Veteran: I've RPed in these
  • Harry Potter- This is the fandom I started with and still write in today. I tend to stay away from directly writing canon characters, but adhere to canon rules of the HP universe when creating characters/plots. I'm still not tired of HP to this day and am all for it if you are. I will probably stalk other people's requests and fulfill their HP wishes when possible lol

  • Star Trek- Again, I usually stick with originals but don't stray to far from canon creation. By canon, I mean the TV series and movies. I have not started season 2 of Discovery so no spoilers! null

  • Other fandoms that I'm familiar with and have RPed in them; I'm not necessarily making these a priority: Gossip Girl (TV series-my favorite guilty pleasure, I don't care what anyone says lol), Mortal Instruments (I have not read all the books so it would only be canon to a certain point)
Intermediate: I am familiar with these fandoms but have never written in them. I'm actually looking forward to delving into these if anyone else is interested.
  • Vampire Diaries/Originals/Legacies- I like Originals and Legacies better. 

  • Brooklyn 99- Obviously the best sitcom ever. I'm all over this one and will try any character, I don't care lol

  • Kushiel's Legacy/Namaah Trilogy- I actually have not read these in a while so my canon knowledge is rusty, but I am interested in playing around in this universe if anyone else is familiar.

  • Stargate- I'm gonna be honest right here and say I want to be in love with any character, I don't care lol

  • Magicians- I've read the books and am caught up with the series. I'm interested with tinkering with this one.

  • American Horror Story- specifically the Coven season. I kind of like their magic system and heirarchy and the school in New Orleans thing.
Beginner: I am pretty familiar with these categories, in no particular order, and have never written in them. I have no urgency to do something with them but if you see something here you'd like to explore, I'd be happy to join since I'll at least be familiar with the universe:
  • MCU

  • DC CWverse

  • Doctor Who

  • Handmaid's Tale

  • Disney

  • Eragon
And now for specifics requests/interests!
  • Coming soon!

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